• Flamingo Estate Garden Candle

Flamingo Estate Garden Candle

From the brilliant minds behind Flamingo Estate comes this delightful collection of garden inspired candles, crafted from vegetable wax and essential oils.

Flamingo Estate plants a tree for every product sold and collaborates with farmers who use regenerative practices whenever possible. 

Fragrance notes:

Adriatic Muscatel Sage: The sage in this candle carries with it salt breezes from the Adriatic — a scent that alleviates stress and promotes a sense of well-being.

Climbing Tuscan Rosemary: The “mist of the sea,” rosemary is the objet d’amour of Romans, Greeks and honeybees everywhere, its scent oft detected wafting amongst the cypress trees and ruins of golden hour strolls. For centuries, this ubiquitous herb has been used as a mental stimulant, said to enhance memory, intelligence and creative dreaming.

Roma Heirloom Tomato: We worship the tomato. Ripe, supple and bursting with juice, the scent of the heirloom tomato catapults us to memories of late summer dinner parties in Sicilian gardens and awakens pleasure in all our uncommon senses.

  • 100% vegetable wax with a cotton wick in fully recyclable glass
  • 8 ounces
  • Made in the US
  • $58.00