We know that where you spend your money matters. As a small woman-owned and women-run company we are committed to building a business that fosters openness, equity and space for continuous growth and improvement. Our core values guide everything we do — from the way we run our business, to the goods we source, to the support we give to our team and the way we strive to show up for our customers and community.

All are welcome
  • We invite all people to gather, work and shop with us and do not tolerate hate or bigotry on any level. We treat people with kindness, dignity and respect – regardless of gender identity, sexuality, race, religion or socioeconomic status. We work to create spaces where people feel safe, seen and heard and are free to live authentically.
In social responsibility
  • We believe in being good stewards of our environment + communities. We do this by supporting the livelihoods of artisans + makers, both local + global, through our product sourcing and curation. We prioritize sourcing goods from women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ makers, authors and entrepreneurs in an effort to combat the damaging effects of systemic racism and work towards a more equitable society.
  • We partner with and raise money for local and national organizations advocating for marginalized communities, including (but not limited to) the Trevor Project, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, ACLU, Campaign Zero, Black Lives Matter, DC Greens, Black Swan Academy, N Street Village, Mamatoto Village, NDN Collective, Heart of Dinner and more. Personally and professionally, our leaders and team are committed to lifelong anti-racism work.
  • We strive to implement sustainable practices to minimize our impact on the environment, including stocking small-batch goods from makers committed to earth-friendly practices, using earth-friendly supplies in our shops and headquarters, and reducing our waste by reusing and composting whenever possible.
  • We are committed to growing and nurturing a diverse team and ensure equity and inclusivity is at the forefront of our hiring practices. We keep communication open and ensure that team members feel safe and heard expressing questions or concerns within our business. We take action quickly and foster an environment of trust, empathy and collaboration.
We are committed to showing up daily for our team, customers and community and are grateful to you all for trusting and supporting our small business. If there’s anything you’d like to see from us let us know — we are here and we are listening.
With gratitude,
founder and creative director