• Palo Santo Disc
  • Palo Santo Disc

Palo Santo Disc

Palo Santo is a wild tree that grows in the dry forests of Ecuador and other tropical regions of the Americas, known for its citrusy, woodsy scent. This Palo Santo peace sign is made from all natural Palo Santo wood and designed to break off in small bits and burn at your leisure. We love it for getting cozy, refreshing your space, and burning on your patio to keep pests away. 

  • All natural Palo Santo wood
  • 6 centimeters x 6 centimeters x 1 centimeter
  • Palo Santo incense disk is made from ethically and sustainably sourced Ecuadorian Palo Santo, and Palo Santo seedlings are planted every year through this partnership 
  • $12.00