Genderful Fine Fragrance

Embrace the full spectrum of your identity and scent accordingly. Celebrate your complexities by mixing traditionally masculine and feminine scent notes together. Cleanly formulated using master perfumery techniques, these fine fragrances from Boy Smells are made for modern identities that defy definitions.


  • FLOR DE LA VIRGEN is a bright and energetic combination of feminine jasmine petals and masculine musks, sitting in an abundant bouquet of pomelo, saffron, and deep resinous olibanum. Citrus, floral, and spice, this is a truly GENDERFUL™ scent made to unleash your inner god and goddess — transcend expectations and scent accordingly.
  • ROSE LOAD is here to tap into all your sensualities. Self-love elevates, and if we can’t love ourselves, we can’t love at all….  With generous dousings of feminine rose absolute, set against masculine accords of smoked papyrus and agarwood, bits of fruit and spice add extra personality to this all-around indulgent fragrance. Make loving yourself a scented ritual.
  • VIOLET ENDS thrives even in the wake of destruction. Sumptuous amounts of smoky papyrus, divine incense, and white birch are wrapped in raw tobacco leaves with a flourishing heart of violet and rhubarb growing within. Dark but optimistic, this scent recognizes the beautiful complexities of life.
  • Vegan. 2.2 ounces (65ml)
  • 80% ALC/20% PERFUME.
  • Glass bottle with tinted black perspex topper.
  • Comes in matte tray and carton. 
  • $98.00