• For the Culture

For the Culture

A must-have anthology of the leading Black women and femmes shaping today’s food and hospitality landscape — from farm to table and beyond — chronicling their passions and motivations, lessons learned and hard-won wisdom, personal recipes and more.

Chef and writer Klancy Miller found her own way by trial and error — as a pastry chef, recipe developer, author and founder of For the Culture magazine — but what if she had known then what she knows now? What if she had known the extraordinary women profiled within these pages — entrepreneurs, chefs, food stylists, mixologists, historians, influencers, hoteliers and more — and learned from their stories?

Like Leah Penniman, a farmer using Afro-Indigenous methods to restore the land and feed her community; Ashtin Berry, an activist, sommelier, and mixologist creating radical change in the hospitality industry and beyond; or Sophia Roe, a TV host and producer showcasing the inside stories behind today’s food systems. Toni Tipton-Martin, Mashama Bailey, Carla Hall, Nicole Taylor, Dr. Jessica B. Harris . . . In this gorgeous volume these luminaries and more share the vision that drives them, the mistakes they made along the way, advice for the next generation, and treasured recipes — all accompanied by stunning original illustrated portraits and vibrant food photography.

In addition, Miller shines a light on the matriarchs who paved the way for today’s tastemakers — Edna Lewis, B. Smith, Leah Chase, Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor, and Lena Richard.

These collective profiles are a one-of-a-kind oral history of a movement, captured in real time, and indispensable for anyone passionate about food.

  • Hardcover
  • Published Sept. 19, 2023
  • 320 pages


  • $40.00