Seasonal Shop Associate

Salt & Sundry is looking for seasonal Shop Associates to join our Union Market and Logan Circle teams. The primary responsibility of a shop associate is to encourage sales by exemplifying Salt & Sundry’s core values of hospitality, generosity of spirit, and inclusivity. Shop associates work to create a warm + welcoming shop experience customers by seeking out interactions, sharing product stories and actively assisting customers to provide exceptional customer service.  

Employment begins November and runs through January 1,  and includes at least 6 weekend shifts per month. The opportunity to continue employment with us will be evaluated in the new year. 

The ideal candidate is an outgoing, charismatic, and intuitive person who genuinely loves people. A successful shop associate will be flexible, positive and eager to learn.

We are committed to keeping our team members safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, and have implemented several precautionary measures, including automatic door locks controlled by our team to limit the number of customers in the shop, plexiglass register shields, mandatory hand sanitizing stations, and more. 

The key responsibilities for this position are as follows:

Customer Service

  • Be the host / greeter of the shop by:
      • managing the customer flow / controlling the door lock when we’re at capacity
      • ensuring customers are aware of all safety protocol upon entering the shop
      • being warm and communicative if there is a wait to enter
  • Helps to create a warm, upbeat and inclusive vibe in the shop
  • Has a strong understanding of and belief in the customer service values of Salt & Sundry and always shows a positive attitude when executing them
  • Shows charitable assumption + kindness for all customers
  • Ensures every customer is/are greeted, chatted with and cared for as they come into the shop
  • Prioritizes customer engagement over all other shop tasks
  • Diligently follows up with customers verbally beyond the initial greeting
  • Proactively finds solutions for customer requests
  • Always leads customer interactions rather than waiting for the customer to engage
  • Answers customer questions with thoughtful responses and avoids one word answers
  • Anticipates customer needs and addresses them proactively

Product Knowledge + Storytelling
  • Maintains a vast knowledge of all of the products we carry
  • Makes an effort to share product stories with customers as a tool to encourage sales
  • Actively attempts to find answers to product inquiries on your own using available resources 
  • Personalizes customer interactions by sharing thoughtful product stories and exemplary knowledge beyond the basics
  • Uses customer questions as an opportunity to share compelling product information
Procedures + Operations
  • Actively maintains the visual standard of the store (ie. restocking, remerchandising, and cleaning)
  • Can process returns, store credit, and gift cards without assistance
  • Constantly restocks the floor throughout the day and maintains organization of backstock
  • Excels at keeping the register clean and clear
  • Excels at gift wrapping, bagging, and protecting breakables
  • Efficient at checking quantities in Shopkeep at all locations
  • Rarely demonstrates register error
Requirements and Position Details
  • Part-time position at a competitive hourly rate
  • Flexible availability + commitment to working evenings, weekends and holidays a must
  • Experience in customer service required
Please send an email with your résumé, pay expectations and why you think you’d be perfect for our team to