Human Resources Manager, Good Salt LLC

Salt & Sundry is hiring! We are looking for a Human Resources manager to foster a warm + hospitable work environment for employees at Salt & Sundry, Little Leaf and the Sun Room (Good Salt LLC). The key responsibilities of the HR manager are to recruit, support and train employees, as well as assist and consult with directors and management to ensure a seamless HR experience for all team members. 

A successful candidate will be extremely organized with superior written and oral communication skills and a deep understanding of best practices in HR. The ideal candidate has a keen knowledge of the core values of Good Salt, LLC and is able to uphold and enforce these ideals among team members. The ideal candidate is flexible, resourceful and embodies our values of exceptional service, generosity of spirit and inclusivity. The HR manager will work closely with our directors and shop teams to provide ongoing training, hiring, and support for team members and management. 

The primary responsibilities of this position are as follows:


  • Work with directors to continually assess scheduling and hiring needs to ensure adequate staffing among the shops and teams, especially in peak seasons and for special events. 
  • Oversee hiring process, which includes coordinating job posts, reviewing resumes, and performing reference checks for potential candidates. Conduct first round interviews and work closely with directors to ensure candidates are a good fit. 


  • Help to build out Good Salt’s HR policies, training materials, benefits packages, and other necessary company documents. 
  • Organize existing HR materials and assess needs. 
  • Administer benefits programs such as health insurance, PTO, compensation, and assist employees in navigating their options. 
  • Develop, create and organize training materials among the shops, and ensure all team members have access to necessary documents. 
  • Create, update +send employee discount cards 
  • Conduct and assist with onboarding of new employees, and create and implement training plan to ensure employee success within the company. 
  • Advise management in appropriate resolution of employee relations issues and ensure all team members understand and uphold the core values of Good Salt LLC. 
  • Develop and implement training programs that focus on ergonomics, theft prevention, and customer service best practices that uphold the core values of Good Salt LLC. 
  • Contracts with outside suppliers if necessary to provide employee services, such as temporary employees / holiday staff.
  • Conduct and analyze employee check-ins, performance reviews, and terminations with directors
  • Conduct and analyze exit interviews; recommend changes to senior management. 
  • Conduct management training and compliance in interviewing, hiring, terminations, promotions, performance review, safety, and sexual harassment.


  • Create and manage employee HR calendar, including start dates, birthdays, work anniversaries, check-ins, promotions and raises.
  • Work with directors to manage employee gifts and perks in coordination with HR calendar. 
  • Organize and execute team gatherings, meetings and staff perks.
  • Work with management to create monthly, quarterly, and yearly budget for staff appreciation perks.
  • Coordinate meetings between senior management to ensure face-time and facilitate adequate communication and support among team members.

Requirements and Position Details:

  • Part-time position with competitive hourly pay. 
  • At least two years experience working in HR strongly preferred.
  • PHR or SPHR certification preferred.
    Please  send an email with your résumé, salary expectations and why you think you’d be perfect for our team to