Further Hand Soap + Lotion

Sustainably made from the process of making biofuel, this natural glycerin soap and lotion will leave your hands feeling extra soft and smelling wonderful. Their signature fragrance are from oils of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses.

Further, a wife and husband team, have created a sustainable practice by making Further Soap and Lotion. Both products are naturally derived from making biofuel. They pick up used vegetable oil from some of the nation’s finest restaurants and then process it in their warehouse. The biofuel goes into their cars and the glycerin goes into their soap! To complete the sustainable circle,  Further then takes the soap back to the restaurants that provided the oil.

  • Naturally made from glycerin and biodegradable
  • 8 ounces in each bottle
  • Sold as a set and individually
  • Further products are never tested on animals
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA



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