• Temple Sunrise Totem Candle
  • Temple Sunrise Totem Candle

Temple Sunrise Totem Candle

Enjoy 120 hours of relaxation with the Temple Sunrise candle as spicy turmeric and bright citrus infuse your space. 

The Totem candles are creatively designed with a lid that is actually a tin filled with matches. With a striker right on the bottom, you have everything you need to help light your path. The metallic-gold glass is silk-screened with graphic designs, perfect for glamming up your mantel or coffee table. 

Scent Notes: Spicy Turmeric and dark, moody incense brightened with citrus peel

  • Gold metallic glass
  • 5 inches x 3 1/4 inches wide 
  • Match tin lid with approximately 80 matches 
  • Striker on bottom of tin 
  • 120 hour burn time
  • $44.00