• Septima Earrings in Sunset

Septima Earrings in Sunset

This understated 14k gold-filled hoop earring is the perfect pair to wear with the Septima Pattern choker and bracelet. The hoops are adorned with a selection of Sunset patterned precious beads in striking color combinations. FEMINA The Septima is a part of our Femina collection, which celebrates simple, modern forms and natural materials. Based on striking neutrals, intentional strokes of color punctuate the collection. Each piece is named after an influential and inspiring woman, who has made a tremendous impact on the world. The Septima choker is named after civil rights activist, Septima Poinsettia Clark. Clark developed literacy and citizenship workshops that played an important role in fighting for voting rights and civil rights for African Americans. Clarks argument was that “knowledge is power” and Martin Luther King Jr. commonly referred to her as “The Mother of the Movement". MEASUREMENTS 30mm 14K gold-filled hoop