• Fruity Beeswax Wrap 3 pack

Fruity Beeswax Wrap 3 pack

Beeswax wraps are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. These reusable wax wraps are great to wrap fruits, vegetables, cheese, and bread. The natural material allows the food to breathe and stay fresh. Each set features one-of-a-kind prints made by artist and designer Gabrielle Mandel. This fun and colorful printed beeswax wraps are made from all-natural ingredients: Cotton, beeswax, Jojoba oil, and tree Resin. Our colorful prints are made on GOTS certified organic cotton and every beeswax wrap is FDA approved. The manufacturing of these wraps create very little waste and packaging is made of recycled paper. With Supra Endura products we want to delight you with print and pattern. Each print is painted by artist Gabrielle Mandel. She delights in the detail, printing you a fun way to save your leftovers. We want to help you eliminate single-use plastic and food waste by saving your food in our fun organic wax wraps. Alternative to single-use plastic Made out of all-natural ingred
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