• Denim Pan Handle Holder
  • Denim Pan Handle Holder

Denim Pan Handle Holder

Carry your hot and heavy pans right with this small but mighty pan handle holder. Designed with insulation and quilting throughout, it fits perfectly over standard cast iron handles for easy transport of insanely hot skillets. 

  • 100% denim cotton and muslin 
  • Made in California

About the maker: Mi Cocina was born out of necessity. In 2014, after over 25 years designing for high fashion brands and his own label Ubi-Ind Denim, designer Ulrich "Ubi" Simpson had his aha moment in the kitchen.

As the sleep-deprived parent of a newborn daughter, Ubi kept burning himself while cooking. He saw an opportunity, and shortly after launched the Mi Cocina collection of versatile denim pieces for cooking, camping + gardening. Each piece is proudly made in California from denim that is washed, sewn, and laser etched to create a simple, modern aesthetic with no nonsense function and timeless appeal.