Salt & Sundry Shop Director

We're looking for a dynamic Shop Director for our sunny new Union Market location. 

The primary responsibility of the shop director is to exemplify Salt & Sundry’s core values of hospitality, generosity of spirit, and inclusivity by creating a warm + welcoming shop experience for both customers and staff. The shop director is responsible for hiring, overseeing + directing shop managers and associates, establishing goals for the floor team and setting the tone for positivity, productivity and efficiency in the shop. 

The ideal candidate is a natural and charismatic leader who genuinely loves creating connections and interacting with people. A successful shop director will manage with flexibility and positivity. You are a resourceful and creative thinker who will create big picture goals and systems to grow and improve the shop and brand as a whole. This person reports and works closely with the Managing Director.

The key responsibilities of the shop director are as follows:

Leadership + Management

  • Set the example for positivity, professionalism, and work ethic among team
  • Create an environment of warmth + hospitality for team members and customers
  • Foster an environment that’s calm, supportive and non-reactionary
  • Create goals for service + sales based on data and communicates them clearly to shop team
  • Provide clear, constructive + positive feedback in a timely manner to facilitate employee growth
  • Delegate daily tasks clearly to shop team at the beginning of each day
  • Regularly deliver creative, outside the box strategies for improving your shop, sales and the brand as a whole 

HR + Team Culture

  • Create the schedule every two weeks and ensure adequate staffing across your shop while adhering to weekly + monthly budget
  • Lead full life-cycle recruiting (assess needs, recruit, hire + train) at your shop to foster a diverse, inclusive team
  • Implement a cohesive and ongoing training plan for new employees to ensure clear expectations
  • Regularly schedule checks-in with team members to provide support and constructive feedback for growth and improvement
  • Address employee performance issues quickly and constructively
  • Show kindness, respect and charitable assumption towards coworkers on and off the shop floor.
  • Manage employee birthday and workiversary calendar to provide personalized and timely gifts
  • Develop and maintain a vast knowledge of all the products we carry and uses it to train team members on how to learn and sell
  • Play to employee strengths and creates opportunities for their growth
  • Treat and communicate shop responsibilities and action items as a collective goal
  • Create a culture of positive morale and support among team members through consistent leadership, positive feedback  and regular team events

Shop Experience + Customer Service

  • Exemplify and fosters a welcoming, positive and service-focused shop environment through communication, body language and attitude
  • Show customers kindness, respect and charitable assumption on and off the shop floor.
  • Clearly communicate customer service information and requests across the team to ensure no balls are dropped.
  • Actively work towards reaching sales goals by leading team with clear customer service expectations through training, and sales strategies
  • Ensure prompt and polite customer follow-up communication on product requests for back in stock items, special order requests and complaints or issues
  • Pursue and orchestrates custom orders to grow sales
  • Plan and execute customer service perks and experiences and events on a regular, recurring basis
  • Oversee and execute shop events with team from start to finish

Space Management + Visual Merchandising

  • Regularly incorporate new products + changes shop displays to keep merchandising fresh and encourage sales
  • Assist with strategizing,  scheduling  and executing  seasonal window display changes with the help of the creative team
  • Set the tone + maintain a clean, organized + welcoming storefront, shop floor and back of house environment for team + customers
  • Oversee and assist with the completion of regular shop cleaning to create a pristine and welcoming shop environment for customers
  • Identify + address shop housekeeping issues to promptly reach a solution or contracts the appropriate repair people to assist

Operational Oversight

  • Create and oversee all scheduling needs for your shop to ensure shop is appropriately staffed to provide excellent customer service year-round
  • Manage shop bank, cash reserve and deposits weekly
  • Hand off important documents to finance team weekly
  • Ensure shop is adequately staffed with necessary supplies and regularly communicates these needs to operations team
  • Identify opportunities to improve operations and shop procedures and develops new systems to address them
  • Regularly assess inventory needs and relays them to the operations team.
  • Provide constructive feedback to operations team around transfers and inventory levels.
  • Use data and inventory management tools to ensure all products are represented on the shop floor at all times
  • Oversee and assist with weekly product transfers.

Internal Communication

  • Communicate with leadership team regularly and thoroughly through shop director / shift reports to keep them informed about shop happenings, HR, etc.
  • Communicate goals and expectations to team members clearly and directly
  • Exemplify shop culture by keeping  communication calm, non-reactionary, honest and constructive at all times.
  • Ask for support from the leadership team when needed.
  • Keep communication open and regular with operations team to ensure product and supply needs are met.

Requirements and Position Details

  • Full-time, salaried position with competitive benefits
  • Minimum 5 years of management experience required or transferable skills
  • Experience in customer service required or transferable skills
  • Flexible availability and commitment to working evenings, weekends and holidays a must
  • Scheduling expectations:
    • 5 days on the shop floor with admin time / week scheduled within shop schedule
      • Up to four hours of admin time can be done remotely per week
    • Minimum 4 weekend shifts / month (or more as needed); back up your shop to manage call outs / scheduling conflicts

As a company, we believe all are welcome. We believe in generosity of spirit and empathy. And we believe in social responsibility. We are committed to using our position and platform to support our community in meaningful ways and to advocate for social and racial justice.

To apply: Please send an email with your résumé, pay expectations and why you think you’d be perfect for our team to