• Mala Spice Mix
  • Mala Spice Mix
  • Mala Spice Mix

Mala Spice Mix

Mala, the signature flavor of Sichuan cuisine means "spicy and numbing". With a mix of 11 potent herbs and spices, including Erjingtiao chili and the prized "Tribute" Sichuan pepper, this dry spice blend adds oomph to any spice rub, batter, or rim of a marg on a Friday night.

Founded in 2018 by Jing Gao, Fly by Jing is inspired by the amazing flavors of her hometown Chengdu and its famous fly restaurants — soulful hole-in-the-wall eateries so good they attract diners like flies.

Ingredients: Dried chili pepper, sugar, salt, mushroom powder, seaweed powder, spices

  • 6 ounces
  • Small-batch crafted
  • Made in Sichuan Province and bottled in California
  • $16.00