• Mantra Candle
  • Mantra Candle
  • Mantra Candle

Mantra Candle

Handmade Habitat's tall meditative Mantra soy wax candles are scented to enhance your intentions. Whether you are looking to clear your mind or breathe easier, these candles will help get you there. Embodied in tall, prayer-like candle vessels, these are a great statement on coffee tables and alters alike.

Handmade Habitat artist and chandler Amina Ahmad grew up in the rolling hills and bushy woods of the less glamorous parts of Maryland. Her products are all natural, eco-friendly and vegan to purely and non-toxically uplift and illuminate your life. Each item is handmade with care in her sunny solar-powered studio in the Langdon neighborhood of Washington, DC. 

• 16 ounces

• 70 hour burn time

• Scents include Clear Mind (sweet spearmint), Make Lovely (geranium rose) and Soothe the Soul (aloe + green tea)

• Made in DC