CAP Beauty Coconut Butter

Crack open a jar and spread the love. Made using an ancient method known as stone-grinding, The Coconut Butter is completely raw and never heated. This old world approach of grinding preserves both the coconut’s nutrients and flavor, while resulting in a smooth texture like no other. The white magic inside contains the fat and fiber of Mother Earth's miraculous coconut. Each batch takes about 24-48 hours to make, but it’s well worth the wait. 

How to Use: Use a creamer for your drink of choice, blend into smoothies, or take by the spoonful! 

S&S Tip - We love this in our morning coffee for that extra energy and beauty boost!

  • 100% Stone Ground Raw Organic Coconut 
  • 16 ounces 
  • Gluten Free and Vegan 
  • Natural separation may occur
  • Made in the USA




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