at home series: the green house with Mollie Lee

Little Leaf’s shop director Mollie Lee shares a sneak peek … and a homemade snack … from her lush home in the District.



Meet Mollie, the shop director at our sister shop Little Leaf, which if you don’t already know is a DC houseplant haven for experts + novices alike. We asked Mollie about the plants in her sundry filled home, her favorite cookbook and for go-to plant care tips ... read on!



"I believe plants belong on any surface, but my cats tend to disagree. Even just one plant can add texture, color and life to any windowsill, shelf, desk or bar cart!"

We love the combo of amber hued sundries and terracotta planters on Mollie’s verdant styled shelf. Not to mention her collection of scented and taper candles that add a sense of coziness to the plant-filled room.

Mollie's top 3 tips for at-home plant care:

  1. Prune and propagate! Pruning encourages new growth, and you can always propagate your cuttings to make new plants.
  2. Err on the side of underwatering. Most plants bounce back quicker from not enough water than too much water.
  3. Change in season means change in watering frequency. Winter months mean shorter days and less sun, so my plants can go longer without water. 



"Whenever I’m asked how many plants I have, I say “not enough.” My favorite plant changes often (can’t pick a favorite child!) but today it’s my Philodendron Brasil – it’s a beautiful, easy-to-care-for, fast-growing vine that makes for a great hanging plant."




In addition to her plant endeavors, Mollie cooks regularly at home and we were lucky enough to taste deviled eggs + avocado toast from her favorite cookbook, Korean American by Eric Kim.

"My housemate Alec and I probably own every single Salt & Sundry cookbook, including 2 copies of Korean American. As a fellow Korean American and avid cook, I deeply relate to Kim’s relationship to Korean food– it’s the cookbook I wish I wrote myself!"

Mollie's top 3 tips for the perfect deviled eggs:

  1. Don’t skimp on the mayo! Use flavorful mayo like Duke’s or Kewpie.
  2. Always garnish for texture, color and flavor. Sesame seeds, chives and flaky salt are all great options.
  3. Farm fresh eggs are best. It makes a noticeable difference in flavor!